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Thanks for your business, we will start working on it, and will get back to you with site details in 3-5 days.

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We will purchase a domain for you, and will try to match it as close as we can.
Cost for domain is +2$ / month.

We need a logo to make sure your site will be operational from day 1.

We will design you a nice logo for 49$ one time payment. Please describe your guidelines for the logo.

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Site is FREE, we will spend lots of manual labor on your site to make is live.
While website is free, Hosting is not. we charge low monthly price for a fast MANAGED solution.

Managed hosting, is an ALL-IN-ONE solution for your hosting needs. you will never need to configure, manage, update, install, or do ANY change in hosting, in fact you will not even have access to the hosting.
We do it all for you, silently. - Fully managed solution.

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Website is free, YES!

That being said - like any website - we know that once you will see it you will want changes, modifications, content assistance & much more.

Site you will get will be fully operational for you to start working, you will be able to add content, edit it, add more pages, control the design, the SEO, and much more.

Site will come with the web-smarter tool for your convenience, to create all tasks required on site, and mange them.

REMEMBER: Web-smarter tool allows you to ask for estimations on tasks you create. 

Any changes to the site you want - will be handled by creating a web-smarter tasks and asking for estimations.

Each task will be estimated by the developers who built your site, Once estimation received you can simply pay and they will start working on it.

As a start - you will get FREE 100$ for changes & upgrades!

you can always contact us if you have any issues / questions or you want to cancel the hosting subscription.

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